Ai Series Indoor LED Display


Designed for Indoor Solutions

The Ai series is designed for indoor use with fixed installation. The slender and lightweight aluminum structure of the Ai series enables installation of video walls without the use of any heavy metal structures.

The LED panels of the Ai series can be installed virtually to any type of wall structure. The power supply units, control cards, and every other component are accessible from the front of the panels. The passive thermal management of electronic devices of the LED panel ensures an extremely low noise level.

The Ai series has two individual models: The Ai05 and Ai06. Both models are suitable for seamless video walls in locations with a minimum viewing distance of five meters.

The Ai series is the perfect solution for replacing traditional video wall displays in locations with a sufficient viewing distance and where the objective is to construct a seamless video wall.

The Ai series is equipped with SMD LED pixels that produce smooth video playback and a wide, 120 x 120 -degree viewing angle.

The technical properties and the refresh rate of 960 Hz of the model are especially suitable for advertising in shopping centers, retail outlets, and airports.

A bright and seamless video wall

The Ai Series LED panels have twice the luminosity of traditional video wall displays and the LED panels can be combined to construct fully seamless video walls.

Optimal for indoor use

The luminosity, refresh rate and structure of the model are designed for fixed indoor use.

Maintenance from the front of the panel

All components are accessible from the front of the panel.


The passive thermal management offers silent performance and extremely high energy efficiency.


  • Shopping center LED video walls
  • Retail outlet LED video walls
  • Lobby LED video walls
  • Museum LED video walls
  • Airport LED video walls
  • Fair center LED video walls
  • Advertising LED video walls