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High Quality Outdoor LED Display

Not all outdoor LED Displays are created equal. With so many options and features available, choosing the most appropriate one can be challenging. Some LED Display manufactures highlight quality levels while others focus on providing the best priced outdoor LED display. Which one would you want to go for? Lowest Price LED Displays? Manufacturers that market […]

LA, the spectacular Giant LED Screens

Los Angeles gets the first Giant LED Screens. Giant LED Screens on the two residential towers on the corner of Figueroa and 12th: this is the new attraction in LA. This marks the introduction of the LED display “spectacular” market in the city, with the screens covering an eight-storey parking garage. What’s even more unusual […]

LED Display at Cinema

Bespoke LED displays could be coming to a cinema near you, now that cinema screens could be replaced with LED screens. The first commercial cinema installed a giant projector-less screen made up of LED panels a year ago, and now more and more cinemas are getting in on the act. This means that cinema screens […]

Ai Series Indoor LED Display

Ai SERIES Designed for Indoor Solutions The Ai series is designed for indoor use with fixed installation. The slender and lightweight aluminum structure of the Ai series enables installation of video walls without the use of any heavy metal structures. The LED panels of the Ai series can be installed virtually to any type of […]